This year my friend and fellow artist decided to give an "inktober" style drawing challenge a shot and created our own list of halloween themed creatures and characters. I highly recommend the experience and think that creating 31 original characters all within the same aesthetic in 31 days is a true artistic challenge. Well worth the time and effort to try out. With 31 characters you can truly create an overarching style and feel worthy of a narrative.  I went for a mix between adorable and creepy and in the end, compiled them all into a zine I titled, "The Creep Compendium". Here are all 31 drawings and a look at the zine.
The Zine Covers
For the zine covers I wanted to create something that captured that classic halloween feeling as well as the essence of a book filled with dark energy such as that of the book of the dead from the Evil Dead film franchise, with a mix of handmade type and a creepy typewriter-ish font. I hand drew some covers on a nice textured bristol paper and then decided to digitally color it in photoshop with textured brushes to give it an overall painterly feel.
The Zine!
I had the zine printed with a nice heavy card stock cover at a size of 6 by 6 inches. It came out quite lovely and I think truly captures a fun and kooky halloween feeling.
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