Me with my first two published books from 2020

Hey there, I am Joey Strain, born 1998 in good ol' Pennsylvania. I am an illustration enthusiast, and have been interested in art making since I was a wee toddler. I'm a strong believer that all humans should be creating art. Whether it is creating art for art's sake, art to convey your emotions and personal experiences , or art to illustrate a deeper narrative. Everyone should express themselves artistically and bring beautiful creations to life. 
I am currently attending Kutztown University  in order to obtain a bachelor's degree in communication design. Illustration is my passion, and I seek all work in the realm of illustration. My ultimate dream is to become a working children's book illustrator, and that is what I work towards in life. My first two books are out now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more online retailers as well.
I am inspired by film and animation, along with all things nature, preferably the little backyard critters most people shy away from. I would describe my art as a playful concoction of childhood wonderment and the fantastical reimagining of my life experiences. The artist that has most inspired me in life is my pal Amos lemon Burkhart. His work pushed me to be my best since middle school and will continue to push me for the rest of my life. Check out his work at 
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